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We're growing in Princeton!

CEH Princeton has EXPANDED!

We are thrilled to announce a new, greatly 

expanded office space in Princeton! 

On Monday, May 2nd, 2016, we

opened our new operations at:

20 Nassau Street,

Suite 250W

(same building!)

Princeton, NJ!

See you there!

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  • Evaluative services


    Psychological Evaluations may be comprehensive or aim to answer a specific referral question regarding diagnosis, level of functioning, strengths and weaknesses, or capacity. Evaluations typically involve a clinical interview in combination with assessment measures. Evaluations may provide personality/emotional functioning assessment, cognitive assessment, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations.

    Forensic Psychology evaluations are psychological evaluations conducted in consultation regarding legal matters, including, but not limited to questions of parenting capacity, caregiver-child bonding, psychological status, mental competency, and mental injury/mental distress. Evaluations may involve a clinical interview, collateral interviews, and records reviews, in combination with assessment measures.  Evaluations may provide clinical impressions and recommendations.

    Psychoeducational Evaluations provide an assessment of an individual’s cognitive (intellectual) ability as well as level of academic functioning and emotional functioning. Strengths and weaknesses are noted and recommendations are provided. Referral questions commonly include the determination of attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder or learning disorders, among others.

    Pre-Operative Evaluations provide a comprehensive assessment of an individual’s preparedness for surgical procedures such as bariatric surgery, organ transplantation, cochlear implantation, and cosmetic surgeries. Any barriers to safety, adjustment, and successful outcome are identified and explored and recommendations are made to best prepare the individual and the physician for the surgical procedure and follow-up.

    Diagnostic Evaluations provide a comprehensive understanding of an individual’s presenting difficulties and an assessment of current functioning, as well as the clinician’s diagnostic impressions and treatment recommendations. Evaluations typically involve a thorough clinical interview and may also involve, with client consent, consultation with family members, school teachers, or other health care providers. Evaluations may also involve psychological testing.

    Behavioral Assessments provide a thorough assessment of an identified behavior, including analysis of the interrelatedness of antecedent “triggers,” components of the behavior itself, and consequences of the behavior. Reinforcing factors are identified and recommendations are made for behavior change.

    The Center for Emotional Health

    of Greater Philadelphia, LLC 1910 Route 70 East, Cherry Hill, NJ 08003
    20 Nassau Street, Suite 250W, Princeton, NJ 08542
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